Robert Wilson
Awesome place
George The Dispatcher
Nikki is the Best! Thank You Very Much For Your Service.
Carl Widener
Nikki is great to work with and always fast service. Thanks
Jonathan Malave
Excellent customer service!
Nick Kirkland
One stop shop for your transport needs. Always great service and good rates
Mark Tovey
I have no idea who these people are and can only assume they are a trucking company of some sort. I drive I95 every day and see all sorts of truck drivers, by far the best ones are in a Publix truck, so i assume once again , they must be a little picky and only hire the best. The worst ones are probably the open car haulers, they drive like its graduation day at there 2 week truck driving school, anf are still driving there mama's minivan. I hope these drivers drive good, not tye up the middle lane at 60mph.
Tylitha Wheaton
Great Port Service & Storage. 3mins from JaxPort Marine Blunt Inland.